Loch Fishing

Loch Fishing on Islay Fishing equipment including a fishing rod, fishing net, fishing satchel and fishing flies

If you are planning on a holiday to Islay and you enjoy fishing then you are in for a treat! In fact, you are heading to a place that offers diverse fishing possibilities! With miles of coastline, peppered with shipwrecks, Islay has witnessed a rich fishing heritage on both its interior freshwater lochs and the sea lochs that populate its fractal coast. Fishing on Islay is something you will never forget and is something you need to add to your things to do list.

A fishing rod with rolling hills and loch in the background

Steeped in history, where fishing goes back to nomadic days, you will swap the dated flint arrowhead for a modern fishing rod. What is more, in 2003, Islay hosted the biggest fishing event in Scotland, fishing five of its lochs!

Our Lochs 

So you are packed and ready to go. Now you need to choose where to go fishing. Gorm, Skerrols and Finlaggan are the main lochs to fish on. However, Loch Ardnahoe, a very deep loch, is knownfor its rather large trout. Eilean Mor Loch Finlaggan, seat of the Lord of the IslesNotably, this loch fishes best after the end of May. Moreover, boats can be hired for these lochs and the key can be collected from the Islay Estates Office in Bridgend. This also includes your fishing permit. Alternatively, if you’re fishing on Loch Gorm, you can hire a boat from Ballinaby Farm, where you can also purchase permits. Call 01496 810221 for Islay Estates, or 01496 850482 for Ballinaby Farm.

And there is more…

Standing stone near Loch Finlaggan, centre of the Lordship of the Isles

Not only do these lochs provide fine fishing, you are surrounded by beauty and history. Loch Finlaggan not only promises fine brown trout fishing, it is also an important archaeological and historical site, with the ruins of Finlaggen Castle resting on its shores. If you fancy complete seclusion, why not factor in a walk through the hills to arrive on the shores of either Loch Laingedail, Loch Drolsay or Loch Leathan?

Fly Fishing Scotland 

Would you rather a little assistance?  Fly Fishing Scotland can supply a professional guide service, which

A frontal view of Kilchoman House, the sky is blue and the grass is green. A child weeps.

endeavours to take you to Islay’s best fishing spots. They can also acquaint interested groups with local knowledge and complete fishing packages. 


Has this reeled you in?

Help or no help, your catch will taste just as fresh as it did when our prehistoric ancestors returned from fishing on one of Islay’s many lochs to feed the tribe. Our cottages and Georgian house, for larger groups, may boast more contemporary cooking equipment, but the experience is the all the same. Call us today on 01496 850382 or contact us online here to organise your holiday on Islay. We look forward to hearing from you.


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