Islay Birds and BirdwatchingA Chough standing on a rock

If you have booked some Islay accommodation for your holiday and you are looking for things to do when here then birdwatching is a must-see and do activity! Islay has a magnificent array of birdlife. In winter, we are home to vast flocks of geese from Greenland and Russia, who arrive in October and leave in April. This signals the arrival of many other migrant visitors to join the local population.

A golden eagle's headCorncrakes, Choughs and much more…

The Corncrake can be heard in several spots in summer and Choughs, rare in most of Britain, abound near Kilchoman, Ardnave and in the Oa.  Magnificent birds of prey are often seen on Islay, including Golden Eagles and White Tailed Sea Eagles. Kilchoman is also home to a pair of Peregrines. Marsh and Hen Harriers and Sparrow Hawks can also frequently be seen. We weren’t lying when we said our island is a birdwatcher’s paradise!A White Tailed Sea Eagle swooping over the sea with a fish in its claws

The RSPB runs reserves at Loch Gruinart and at The Oa. The visitor centre at the bottom of Loch Gruinart is full of information and interesting facts. Close by are hides overlooking the flats and guided bird walks where locals will share their knowledge. For more information, contact RSPB on 01496 850505.

Where to go…

A pair of Peregrine FalconsOther places to look are Ardnave, particularly for Choughs.  Corncrakes can also be heard there.  Lochindaal is host to a myriad of Wading Birds, particularly near Bridgend in winter where there are large flocks of geese. Kilchoman and Loch Gorm have a wide variety and the crags behind Kilchoman House are home to several species.

Islay Birds is an excellent site for discovering lots of information about the birds in Islay. All posts are produced locally at Kilchoman.A corncrake sitting in the grass

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