Why everyone should experience a Scottish Christmas

A roaring fireplace

A Scottish Christmas; the time of year for families to unite, celebrate, reflect and – like every family – for one or two fights to break out only to be resolved with copious amounts of food, laughter and throwing presents at each other.

Scotland is no exception and with our multiple weather systems colliding overhead, a true Scottish Christmas is sure to be chilly yet, when celebrated with a dram or two, is truly warm and cosy.

Turkey and stuffing aside, the company ‘patter’ of the Scots is hard to beat. A Scottish Christmas is a time to detach for the grind of daily lives, removing the 9-5 and knowing – for a few weeks at least – that time doesn’t matter.

Having only celebrated Christmas within Scotland officially since 1560 and Scotland has since welcomed the celebration annually with open arms and – in true Scots style –  a good drink is a must to celebrate Christmas with friends and family.

A Scottish Christmas on Islay


Experiencing Christmas on Islay is a festive occasion not to be missed. The home of whisky and tranquility, Islay – the Queen of the Hebrides as known to the locals – is the perfect winter gets away to relax over Christmas before the year ahead begins. With a crisp refreshing chill that Scots enjoy in the winter months, a stroll through the sandy beaches to walk off the Christmas meal followed swiftly by a warm dram beside the roaring log fire makes for a perfect way to wrap up Christmas day. Whilst enjoy the dram in peaceful surroundings, the sound of the waves lashing against the rocks can be heard whilst the sun sets and Boxing Day looms – a relaxing Scottish Christmas to be enjoyed by all.

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